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Heh, well Back to work I suppose :)

1/10/13 by Zimdragonlord

Yeah, I know what people are thinking? It's true that I haven't posted any flash during the 2k12 era well thank god it's 2k13 now! Anyways, I will head to CA someday.. NO, I will not meet those people I shall Avoid them which is why I plan to live way north in CA. However, getting out of the state I'm in may take years! Geez, Well I am making another episode of Eissac! :3 Yeah, well anyways A couple of my buddies are very interested in CA. Especially the one that may join NG, I don't know for sure if he will join NG but Let's just hope so. People are getting more skeptical of me. Yeah, I have similar opinions than most people I rely on Foes. But, That guy I was mentioning is really interested in Voice Acting As well! Yeah, Well One step at a time I guess.... If California isn't right for me I have no choice but to either move to Oklahoma, Washington or even Canada! Yeah, This is Insane but anyways, Here's something that I've done so far as in my Flash Projects! Man, is Flash CS6 different from CS5!! Before, I get moving in CA I shall complete most of my work and all. Gosh, it sucks being old, esspecially when there's crap that needs to be done >.>

Heh, well Back to work I suppose :)


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