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Back from CA, Maybe going to Comic-con

1/23/13 by Zimdragonlord

HA, Well CA was Awesome and I liked it didn't meet anyone there but still I am cool. I've gone to most places except Burbank, CA... *sigh* There was a lot of crazy people but at the same time, Awesomeness I assume that CA is way better than the Dump I live in... Man, The weather is awesome there.... Also, I was Thinking about Attending Comic-con this year if no one have problems with me! I will go to San Diego Pretty soon and Comic-con by Myself! If I can make it this year. Anyways, I totally forgot to ask my buddy if He's Interested in NG. He's a lot older than me, more mature, and he's Different. No seriously, He really likes Voice acting but needs to work on some... Some of you Probably know him from XBL... Yes, He plays Xbox and I don't so... I only met him at a Video Game Store near me.. That is all people. Oh yeah, Here's a Picture that proves that I went to California even though it's hard to see it from this computer.... Yup Well There's one Famous Stop I had to take a Picture From! :)~ZDL

Back from CA, Maybe going to Comic-con


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