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I will be part of a Background scene SOON!

3/27/13 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 3/27/13

OH YEAH! WHAT NOW, That guy isn't the only Asian Who's going to be part of a Show, Now I am too! If only I knew which show I will be part of. Well I'm just a Background person I don't know if I have any lines or not.. But here's the Kicker, I'm Getting paid $150 for the scene... Hopefully, I will have a imdb page afterwards.. but the show is filming near me.. It's in Atlanta, GA.. I'm so Excited that I can't Sleep Literally!! Yeah, Now I'm a bit nervous but hopefully the Media will approve a bunch of asians in about 2-3 minute scene. I will give you guys a heads up if it's approved or up on youtube. Btw, one of the people I know is one of the characters in this Reality Show OH YEAH, ZimDragonLord is gonna be Famous... now I'll be gone for a while It starts at 10am.. Yes, Indeed Good Luck with me... Gosh, Even though it's a minor scene I don't care! I just want my $150, an imdb page and my behind on the scene.. Yes, you guys could see me Nationwide.. I believe it's ABC, or NBC, I don't know which Broadcast is on... I will tell you more information about it once it's clear with the Media and etc!! :)


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