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Moving to California, No Exceptions for me 2014

9/26/13 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 9/26/13

Yeah, I know what Half of people are saying "Why are you Moving to California?" Let me tell you something, The Current area I'm living is very bad! People beg me and Antagonize this State but the Majority Agree, I need to Get out and Live with the Majority.. Yeah, This state has Earthquakes and such. I dislike the place I live because If another State cut our water from the Chattahoochee river, that specific state is screwed. Also, No one ever thinks my Area and it's being famous but Little did they know, The minimum wage Sucks, Tax deduction is hell, and The people where I live is no good. I'll give it a 5 out of 5 when people say My area is hell. Where in California should I move? Hmph... good Question, More Likely Northern California. Why? Well, I have more friends there than Southern California. I mean, I don't give a damn about my Current State. Which is Georgia, Sad isn't it? I dislike the Weather because it rained like 4 months straight this year. I can't live there even If I wanted too! I'm trying to get a Job just so I can say "Bye Bye Georgia, Hello California!" Sure, it's going to be tough but nothing is impossible when it comes to my Resources, I even Budget a ton just so I can save my money for this Sunny Cali! Which city, that is a very good Question I guess either Oakland, Los Angeles, Santa Monica or San Jose! Well, wish me luck Everyone! I'm maybe a mellow guy but, when it comes to California it's "Shut up, and Take my Money!"


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Aha, found him. I thought you meant Ed Parker passed away after eating a Corndog stick btw, was confused for a while there! Looks an inspiring person... btw, I recall Bruce Lee also passed away from something pretty trivial, just a simple headache, took some aspirin, poof, gone. Reminds you to make the most possible out of you're life...

What's wrong with Feng Shui? Some of the principles really make sense, like having your bed facing the door, and away from windows... it's the best way, almost so natural you don't need to think about it. I need to get some more room space so I can get rid of everything under my bed too... and the color of walls and their effect on your mood, it's all pretty logical IMO. Though I don't know that much yet. As for Communism, I feel it could be great if used properly, but nobody's ever going to be able to make a Communist state that actually works because even if the leaders are just, individuals are capitalistic. I think it's in our nature to want more... maybe not than our neighbor, but more than at least somebody, it's difficult creating a system that's fair for everyone, that everyone likes, since everybody isn't fair. I like Japan too, their food, their culture... manga. :) Though that goes for most Asian countries, I'm not too into politics.

Oh, that's cool! Do you know the name of that Russian martial art? Sambo? Systema?

Bucket of green acid?! Yeah that's crazy.

12/30/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Yup, indeed... The reason why Rina disliked me until the court session began... Yeah... She was a bit aggressive also, TomFulp was kind of involved with this, as well as Mindchamber! This happen to be lost case, however because I went copypasta happy because my Father kind of made me do this... A Horrible Father he is! anyhow, I just want her out of a nasty cult! you see back in 2006. She was about 18 years old.. However told me the strangest God that she believed in. This was back then when AIM and I have DSL. I could tell by her attitude in AIM that she was misled.. I wanted to say I <3 you! However, this Russian Jerk named Roberto Shaburov screwed me up and tried to compromised my NG.... Vozz was the first, I stopped him because I told Wade about the situation. also, Shaburov was so close to make my NG went bye bye until I started having conflicts with him! So, basically I disagree with Talking about Politics because No one cares about that in USA! However, When the Authorities came, Rina was Scared.. The Party was Seized and I realized that Her half sister Christine T, took the risk of falling into a green acid made off off very disgusting things. i kept on having nightmares for 6 days aftermath and all!

I saved Rina because I called The American red cross and asked them that I would give my blood for her. they analyzed me and well our blood Types were different! she was AB and mine was O. The only Family member of mine, that risked her blood as well as mine was My Grandma, she was a Type AB just like Rina! I cried because she passes away! However, I saw my Grandma in my Dream it was like an Anime! i just realized what My Grandma told everyone in our Family "No more Violence, We shall all love each other and also become a happy Family!" Then, I realized that my Grandma was Elderly and She taught me a lot in my dreams! She had a funeral, I of course cried... Like a normal Grandson would! it was depressing and I still missed her even to this day!

My Uncles Been Lee and Richard aka Fengyi started An argument after the Funeral. we were eating at Sydney's buffet! Wow, They argued like nonstop for HALF an hour! I was shocked and realized that these Brothers loathed each Other like crazy! I stopped them, Also My dad warned his brother Richard not to mess around in a public Buffet! man, talking about Family issues...I Disagree with Feng shui because it involves in Chinese Zodiac!

I just think the Chinese Zodiac is Ageist and wrong! if this was true, Then Rina and I would be Enemies! I tend to make more Friends and less Enemies! Also, Jaxamoto was involved with this incident because Rina felt defenseless when her Ex aka Chris chan tried to kidnap Rina.. I just realized that Josh Tomar was involved in Black marketing! Jaxxy never smiles in her FB page. i just realized that something is terribly wrong with JM! Obviously, Josh Tomar is a Marijuana Abuser! nowadays there's laws on Medicinal Marijuana in CA because the fact that people tend to go crazy without medicinal Marijuana! I just had to tell people in Nevada because to Protect Rina! they've agreed to Exile Josh Tomar! talking about Voice acting, I was influenced by Jessica Strauss because I met her in Sabakon This year! Yeah, I go to Anime Conventions to meet and greet people! I saw Rina, I was happy... although, she dressed up as my Favorite character in Homestuck! I was optimistic about her views!

Yeah, She was shorter than me by let's say half a ruler.... although, She felt insecure.. i just told her that "You're Very beautiful!" I was obviously Bottozo this year and well a Sign of her went <3......!
Which to me, can be a Positive Feedback in the future! I was ranted by the AWA community because of that damned Dare that Arseniy the bastard made me do... Which is why I never want to bully again! I just started caring about people which is why I Started to Think and study Psychology!

Yeah, well I hope Rina isn't hurt... If she is, I'm blaming her horrible so-called buddies on that!
I also, disliked Sapphire because She manipulated Rina by ranting her a WTB. After that moment, I wanted to smack the hell out of Snake-devil Sapphire. how do I know this? I saw it all on Facebook, because Jesse W. my good buddy told me what happened in Halloween! her stepfather was convicted and sentenced to 76 years in Prison for violating GA code of Conduct. her real Father, somehow was died because some nasty incident in Fairbanks, AK! she was born and raised in Anchorage, AK which is a good Positive Factor that her Mother Ran away.....

She was later Adopted in AK society because that she was an Orphan....! People think Georgia is bad, However I heard Alaska has high Death rates because of the fact that It's cold, Mean People picking on each other and innocent Seals dying. No it's not only Canadians who do this, Alaska too did this for a while.. Until PETA, (Not People eating tasting animals) it actually stands for (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Passes a Law later saying that it's against the boarders, animals, and the state of Alaska to Club seals! Yeah, I used to be a Huge Animal Activist until They laughed at me and said that that I wasn't active enough! End of a long story! The End!



Tried search just now, but I'm not getting any results for Robert Bob Quinn?

Ah, that's quite the experience. Well I try to be open-minded but I haven't really found a religion I fully agree with yet, maybe some day! Glad you did though!

Hehe, I guess so, different martial arts are everywhere though, most countries (apart from Asian countries) don't even have their own. Wonder if there is some obscure Swedish martial art hmm, will have to look that up...

12/29/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Ah... well Search in "American karate productions" in Google. I'm not sure if Google in your country works the same with the one in the USA.. You see, This GG1337 worked in Equinox... However, I saw a Depressing Documentary on Models in G4. My Father was a Dick and Forced me to Choose my Woman in Sin City. I'd be Honest I Ranted and Told me Father "I met Her once, it was this year in AWA!" Then My Father made racial comments about Huskies and Yellow Dogs like me.

Yeah.. I don't like My Father Figure.. He's very prejudice against me! He doesn't approve of me having Inter-relationship at all. I still think that's Pure Bullshit! Feng Shui, Traditionalism, and Chinese people make me sick. I did dye my Hair though. I believe in Japanese Values is because They are awesome not like the Chinese with their Communism! I'm Property already of my Evil Parental Units. I think There is one Martial Arts that is based in Russia that the Swedish used to Defend from Norwegians and the Turkish. Ah, Yes the Turkish It's like the Hispanics in America. Other words, TOO many and it gets annoying here more than CA. You See, My dad told me that Woman's Step Father was a Lawyer! Damn, I got my ass raided in Court! I remember her Words was like "F*** you" for like well 300 seconds. That's Literally 5 minutes.... She went Berserk and she <3 me in strangest way Possible! Although, My Father knew Her Parents because of the Psychological Abuse of My dad in the Taiwanese Army. I didn't know that Americans Treated Taiwanese that Bad....! My Father was Drafted and well for 3 years... the 3rd Year My Father saw RC's StepFather and he was P'Od at the time because He wanted to get out of the Military! Yeah, My Dad did something really bad to Her Father-like Figure!

You see, When my Uncle also from Taiwan came..... He Told my Dad to be Quiet in Court.... Then a Local Dingbag Name Arseniy G. Avery Lied and Defend RC the stupidest way possible! I blame his Momma aka Lyuba for this. You see, My Uncle & Aunt From Taiwan may seem strange and Short however, They knew how to Defend themselves in American Justice and Court! Unlike My Father and My MOther figure who went Bashing on RC and Her Parents! I'm the one who saved her, I felt Pain inside my Heart... Although She told me in PSN these WORDS "STOP this Shit!" I went scared and well I stopped her StepFather's Rampage because A guy by the name of Marcus told me that I have to Report it to the Local Police! I mean, When a Woman feels Abused... It's Different then a Man like mine's Perspective! I knew i should've gone to Court! I would've made RC happy and not Rampaging off of everything in OSHA. Here was her Mistake though, Ga is Civil Union based state...! CA is the OSHA based Ville!

Well, That settles it I saw RC and She was cool with me.. I saw her eyes and I knew She wasn't Californian! She acted like one, however She was from the 49th State... I could tell by her Eyes!
Yeah, I blame Josh G for the Epic Incident as well. He was High on Weed and Ate Shrooms during the Process of Death to ZDL Music! Arseniy Tried to Rape her, Although I reported him to the Local Authorities That He tried to Rape Gals! Yeah... It is a long story however these are based on True Events. Now, I can't find HS [Homestuck] Entertaining anymore...

I'm blaming on The StepFather Figure because Half of my buddies Got AIDS During the Process! I hope RC isn't affected by it.... If she did I'd pretty much have to travel to Juneau to Freeze my Behind off or Go to Deutschland aka Germany and Find me another Woman! I still can't believe this happened to Both of us. Luckily Her Adopted sister Took the Risk of getting AIDS.... A Messed up situation however, Her sister fell into the Bucket of Green Acid! RC however was Charged and She was Exiled in GA.. Which is like "WTF, Are you Serious?" Which is why I'm Traveling to Los Angeles, CA Working at a Famima or FamilyMart Between Burbank and Little Tokyo! Well here's my Story between ZDL and RC aka GG1337!



Canada huh. That's not so bad though, we have over 30% income tax in Sweden. :) And not so much service to show for it either, nothing's free anymore...

Sounds intense. As for the martial art, the American Kenpo or the traditional one? Actually didn't know about Kenpo at all, been reading upon it now. Had no idea who Ed Parker was either... pretty cool you're getting his legacy passed on to you. Though yeah, that's a bizarre death... the official version just reads heart attack?

12/26/13 (Updated 12/26/13) Zimdragonlord responds:

Yup... Heart Attack and basically go on the Bullshido's website type in "Robert Bob Quinn" He's the One who told me that I can be positive ya know, I had a Termor-like Seziure in my Bed. I was in Dreamville, Utopia of the 128bit Society... which is like PS2 Graphics however impacted more upon 4K Dreamville. I almost died taking that Drug assigned by the Evil Doctor Rendleman.... He cried and said "I'm gonna send you to an electric Chair!" Which is why I'm trying My Hardest to Quit Kaiser Permanente THE WORST INSURANCE in CA and GA! Also,

He was Filipino at least my Grandmaster was. So, It turned out like this.... In Dreamville, I saw the Great Man Jesus, HE was such a Mellow guy and told me that I am her Savior because of the code: LZ88 is Compatible with 1337! Although, I was walking through Dreamville, Heaven and I saw Buddha, Shiva, Maria, and even Moses! They all Fought for me in the Battle of Armageddon against Satan, Arseniy, Chris-Chan, and EVIL Ramsey.

Yeah, That was all a Dream that I've suffered in my Own Bed. From that Point on, I Started being a Protestant Christian Asian. I prefer Protestant because Jesus doesn't have to be Caucasian... He's God's Chosen Son that can transform to whatever he Chooses.. He freed me from the Sins and that's why I converted to Christianity! Yeah, Sounds too good too come true.. I dreamt it that night in 10/28/2013 during 12am-6am Yeah 6 Hours of Horror those Evil Guys tried to Torment My Brain! I Became Sane again because I Bowed down to God, and Prayed and from this point on I Believe in JESUS, He Loves Every Good Man and Woman out there! ^_^ Yup...

Also, It's American Kenpo..... I'm in America so why shouldn't be an American Kenpo?? Just sayin!



Fifth degree in which art? Martial arts are awesome though, it's something to be proud of! I wish I'd started earlier myself , since before a certain age it's probably much easier to really integrate the art with your persona, embody them as a way of life, mentally and physically, in spirit, mind and body. True, the entire US is like the capital of worldly capitalism but I guess some states more than over.

So conclusively... CA is much much much better than GA? :)

12/26/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Yeah, GA sucks because It's a Civil union state that wannabe CA. Everyone knows that Adventureland and Zombie Land was a Poor Utter Excuse to make to people visit Atlanta. I dislike Atlanta, I'd rather Freeze my Behind off in Juneau, Alaska or even Montreal, Canada! Seriously, Alaskans and Canadians were too pressured and they still even have Boarder wars even to This day! Man, I love Canadian Chinese food although Tax is super expensive. 14% man, Also Alaskan Females tend to go Emo more than the Gals in the Inner States.. If you don't believe me, Go on Google or any Search Engine and type in Alaska's Death Rate. Tends to be Higher than any State in the USA. I could Imagine 6 months of Snow 6 months of Summer, Watching Little Penguins, See your US Dollars Frozen, and Worst of all Avalanches. I still Think They're Luckier than us because In GA, Laws are way more Stupid. Yeah, I agree that Sarah Palin is not Fair, Although Nathan Deal is more of a Pain! Those are just Governors and I Refuse myself to reach any Further than that! Anyhow, CA weather is Awesome, because it never Rains like Crazy unlike Humid, Dangerous and a Uneducated Ville known as Ghetto Georgia! That My buddy is why CA is Way better than GA..

P.S. What I Meant was California seems like a Happy, Friendly and awesome place, While GA is like Money in the bank, Get Respect, and Watch the Hood.. No Seriously We were known as the Number 1 Dangerous city 4 years in the row. That's Scares me. Another Thing that scares me is Racial Tensions in GA is 8 times worse than CA. People will actually Barge in and hit you, if you don't defend yourself. Talking About which Martial Art.. Kenpo or Fist Law Think Ed Parker! Luckily My Grandmaster met him and got to Train with him... Unfortunately, He Passed away because He accidentally choked on a Corndog Stick... yeah, That's Creepy! I was a Martial Artist when I was about 8 years old.. so I know the Basics and the Tendency of most Martial arts!



So... you're not a black belt? :P (kidding) Do you practice any martial arts though? I tried Jujitsu for a couple of years, good knowing the basics, but a dislocated knee scared me off from the sport.

Heh, snow definitely > rain, at least you don't get wet from ti. But it is kinda... cold! We usually have mounds over here this time of year but this Christmas there's nothing, it's actually raining instead. Somehow it doesn't feel like Christmas when the ground's not even frozen. You get used to it.

Heeey, Beverly Hills! :D The police there have a pretty renowned reputation!

12/25/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Yeah I'm a fifth Degree and I don't like showing people my Martial Arts... Seriously, its sort of wierd because my Grandmaster's Country was affected by a Typhoon. Yeah, He was Filipino and nowadays my FB is messed up and all that! I'm blaming on that FAILED 44th Man Arseniy. Anyways, I would love to meet Celebrities and their lovely Managers XD LOL, In Fact I'm trying my hardest to Earn my Job and Earn Money... Yeah America, it's a Money Making Country however Very Capitalistic indeed. I know that CA makes 7x more money than GA. I have a Feeling that GA is NEVER Gonna be the Next Hollywood why? Well, First 1996 Olympics sucked, second NO one likes the Heavy African-American Population that is very uneducated, and Third If you're lucky You can Head to Buckhead and Not get beaten up.

I got Racial Tension by those Jocks in Buckhead. I don't see that in Burbank or even Beverly Hills. You See, My Manager even said "Chingón Y muy bien CA" which means badass and great CA however great California! I mean the wierd side is that There's more Science Religions then there is Christianity. It's okay because It's Freedom of religion there unlike GA! That doesn't mean My manager is Hispanic. He's Vietnamese that learned Spanish and he was a Refugee back then so yeah.... OH Definitely hate the GA Racial Tensions because Punks will actually tried to beat your car up. That Happened to me once and that guy said "I'm in your F***ing Neighborhood bitch!" Yeah Mainly the Caucasians in GA are very Rude unlike in Hollywood, CA! People been saying Earthquakes and all. Well Oh Snap, It's better to have them because I can Sense faster more than most people... Unlike, GA Which is Rainy, Full of Jerks and People who will go Backlot Beatings in Places like East point! I mean 2 years isn't so bad... I faced evidentally 20 years in the Peach State of Hell! Also, The Directors suck in GA... I've been in one Scene and they Screwed my Whole Family Over..... They lied and said that they will Credit our roles.. I even wrote a nasty letter in IMDB saying that they didn't credit us and etc! Those Directing Thieves >:C

Anyways, Yeah That's my CA vs GA in a Nutshell okay ^_^!



Who doesn't like California?! Not that I've ever been there but... it looks awesome. Like a warm and friendly place, full of creative open-minded individuals, full of opportunity and life. Earthquake rumor? An awesome day to you too!

12/25/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Yeah, well I didn't really want to move to Oakland That was Joke come to Think of it.... I'd Probably get shot because Oakland Raiders is a strange team.. One of them Basically Choked me in Sin City.. Just because I said CA is awesome... Then I went to talk some southern Slang and those guys pretty much didn't completely Choke me.. Second time I wore a Green Bandanna and Those Similar Guys basically asked me the Dumbest Question in History!

They asked me if I was a Black belt or not.. No Offense but they acted too Black to Ask such a Prejudice Question is like If I was to ask them what Flavor Kool-aid they like.. Seriously, No wonder Oakland Loves them If They head to San Francisco aka 5 mile boarder because of Golden Gate Bridge they've probably get arrested for Invasion of Property...!

I actually Witness that once back in 2011! It was in the middle of a Korean Restaurant and that Guy cursed everyone out... The SFPD [San Francisco Police Department] Went and Arrested that guy and well beaten his ass and he went to Police Car.. talking about Racial tensions LOL... CA is Awesome because they are OSHA based and also very Capitalistic.. Unlike GA, Very Demanding Full of Uneducated people and It's So Humid that anyone would rather move to Alaska then to see a bunch of Rain Falling down! Yeah You see Even Snow is more awesome than Rain!

One last thing, I love the Weather in Los Angeles, CA Because it's so hot and awesome.... Santa Monica is Flawless because I love the Beach, And the Beach loves me too! Talking about which It's right next to Richville aka Beverly Hills! Yeah... As long as I don't get Arrested within 2 years in CA Everything will be Alright!



Cali... sunshine and palmtrees... waves and beaches... tattoos and music... sounds like a great place to live!

10/8/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Hell yeah, What the only thing I'm worried about The members of NG that might kick my behind because of the fact that I like California I've been there like 4-5 Times... I know This state like a second home to me... Sure, California has about 40 million people but Atlanta, GA sucks..... I mean Hollywood, CA is like Jupiter compare to Buckhead, GA which is like Mercury! Yes, I'm comparing these cities like two different Planets in the solar system.. We all live in One, and that is earth.....! I like a lot of things but hey, Hopefully I saved enough for Northern California... If this dumb Earthquake rumor happens in 2030's happens to be true then I can move to Oregon as my Back up state! Thanks for your Support Cyberdevil and Have an Awesome Day in Newgrounds!