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Pennsylvania Trip Delayed [NEW UPDATE]

10/16/13 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 10/16/13

Dammit, this guy I know doesn't know when to Give up does he? Why in the holy mother of Crap did he Hack my Account! I treated him like a Friend and now I'm very Skeptical because the way he Treated me.... He stole something out of my house.. It was in Brand New condition... He caused Damage on my PS3 [Yeah, I gave it to one of my buddies now!] Great.... Now I can't have a Vacation because of that PUNK! *sigh* Oh well, I'm going to a Trip Tomorrow anyways.. But It has been shifted to Los Angeles, CA Area.... I want to travel and meet you People in CA. Which is Great but now thanks that guy I can't go anywhere other than International Ville aka Las Vegas, Nevada... Now people There do NOT Mess around I know because I felt offended when I found out that He hacked me.... I can't even type any passwords I remembered in Facebook and etc.. I can go to another Location and well Enjoy the rest of my time....... In Another states.... That is all I would like to say to everyone.... Thank you guys for reading this and Goodbye! I won't be gone but, I will have a safe and an Enjoyable Trip! Indeed, This has happened to me more than once so yeah! He's the Party Pooper......... *sigh* oh well, at Least my Plane tickets were Rearranged because of this!

Here is my New Travel Plan..... My hometown to Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA will be soon announced once I head there! but For now, I need to sleep and get some shut eye!

Proof that he stole my PS3 game, the BD PS3 went missing

Pennsylvania Trip Delayed [NEW UPDATE]


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