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The Filipinos are you SERIOUS????

11/13/13 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 11/13/13

OMG, Why is this Typhoon being so serious?? I am scared now All I only donated is a few hundred but I can't succeed overnight but this may take forever meanwhile I'm going to show you guys my 2 projects later on in GA.....! Yeah one that's one deadly SOB typhoon coming towards the USA. I am very worried about this nasty Incident and I hope I can Stop it or at least try to hide...... It's okay Bottozo is here to help.....! But, My finance is getting very Limited due to the fact That I haven't got a job right now! btw, This guy lied to NG member: Paladinx829 Lied about Ng and NG members so if I were you, Tom Please Look over him... He's been using MY CC so it could Overdraft and i no longer want to bank with them AKA BestBank....! Anyways, I hope Those Filipinos will be happy..... OMG this is horrible it felt like a worst nightmare for Me and everyone else!!

NO more donations for me for now!! Unless Everyone helps this incident as well! Okay!?


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Yeah, that was one fierce typhoon... seems like natural disasters are on the rise lately. Something about the climate change?

11/14/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Yeah, I'm blaming on any sick Experimentation because of the Daiyou Island dispute I'm not blaming anyone but whoever made this only wanted 1 thing to American society: REVENGE! I don't who did this but we can make the magnitude of this Upcoming Hurricane [USA term] Disappear Eventually! We all have to pray to GOD at this point IDK how long this nasty disaster is going to last... In america, We hire the best of the best this is why I've chosen you to come to America so we both can host Parties in Various nightclubs so we can become better buddies.... We can do it, What could stop us now! NOTHING, because in the USA WE CAN KICK OTHER's in The ASS! That's why everyone in other countries especially EU are dying to go to the USA! We maybe 3rd in world's population but we have our reasons with immigration issues nowadays! I still like our President aka Obama but He's really tired of the stupid media I would too if I was in his position right now!



Dunt worry...
Like I said, I was unaffected by the typhoon.

11/14/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

You still need the $$$ for your buddies, trust me My Karate Sensei was born in the Philippines and he Died in America Recently! He was a 7th degree black belt and he passed away because He Choked on a Corndog while reading The Newspaper... He Was the coolest Sensei I had and I still miss him... Anyways I did Send $100 to the American Red Cross... So Just tell one of your buddies that I'm giving it to that Family!! All I know is that his name is Robert Bob quinn in Tucker, GA where I used to Train with him. His Son, Is my best friend and he's becoming a 6th degree black belt very soon! I'm only a winning 5th degree!



I live in the Philippines but the typhoon hit far away from where I lived.
It's terrible indeed.
The news are saying that there is no electricity, the stench of dead bodies are in the air, there are a shortage of body bags that dead bodies are mostly just covered with anything to towels to blankets, and people are just going inside random houses and stores just to survive and have something to it.
And even the donations are having trouble being distributed.

11/13/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Dude then that $100.00 USD should be donated specifically to you! Seriously I can't afford anyone dying because of any Typhoons, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes and other Natural Disasters! But Thank you for the Advice though.. I might send you some of my stuff from the US Salvation Army! Okay??