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Just in time for the Holidays!

12/3/13 by Zimdragonlord


Dear, Friends and Newgrounds,

As you can see here, this ZDL is Trying my hardest to make gifts this year like this 8-ball Volleyball I made and it was awesome... One of my buddies told me about Homestuck... So I did read it anyways.. "Alls well as it ends well!" Anyhow yeah My Grandma passed away  afterwards, I tried to live her legacy and etc... Trust me she's in a way better place right now, A Place called Heaven.. Hopefully

I will pursue and become a Comedic Voice Actor and move to Los Angeles but the thing is I still need to earn a Job X(...  Hopefully I can apply at my local paint shop yeah I even sent paintings to her! It was part of a self-made assignment I did to myself.. I no Longer want to be a Drop-out and now I can't believe they tried to kick me out... Anyhow I'm going to find a better alternative because Westwood is being such a pain in the ass....! I don't get the hype about that college anyways.. Well all I can say is that I'm an alpha male they say and I shall protect my future Omega... Yeah, I know I feel as if legends were told that a guy named UberInu Exists!


Yeah, I'm loving the New blogging system... I liked the idea because it reminds me so much of my current website I'm Owning btw, I don't care much about people who is Assniy... In Fact He's gonna be a Parody I'm making soon... I mean litterally I couldn't care less about Hackers.... Anyways I did sent Newgrounds some stuff and an Actress som stuff as well.. However, Due to my Confidentiality I can't reveal who... Anyhow I'm making a movie and yet I'm not that type of guy who cares about whiny and sadistic Emos... I just find some women attractive anyways Here's me doing something most Asians do However, I'm not that type of guy you will see in American eagle or Abercrombie or even at a Gap... I mean yeah that's me alright! trust me, I'm not DEAD..... I just have to have time to think of somethings through! I hope I get to Celebrate Xmas again... I never got an Xmas Presents other than the Skullcandy from my Aunt! Anyways Happy Holidays from KNA and ZimDragonlord! 




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