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Holy shiz.... I sang like a cool guy!

12/4/13 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 12/5/13

Yeah basically here's me in a Kyon Suit [if you don't watch Anime or Haruhi Suzumiya dear GOD I don't what anyone of you are high on or I guess dem Chris guy tries to whip yo ass again lol NEVERMIND] Anyways, I'm fed up with bastards who can think they can outsing me... I'm so fed up that Asian-Americans have no respect esspecially in Newgrounds.. So, Don't worry if your Asian I know how that feels.. I just don't like any Goblin guys that abuses women esspecially when that bastard is 4 years older than me... I don't like him anyways enough with the B.S. I just want to sing my heart out and not flustered by this Wise Guy's Destruction.. We get it You're from Oregon.... I knew that shit would end... Geez, He's a Chan but Nothing like Jackie Chan and If I was to make a meme that guy would wanna kill me, Well all I can say is "Come at me, BRO!" I just felt so confident singing it's like I've unlocked a whole new level! Screw that Goblin Chris tha ma giggy pervert! I sing for love, I don't screw around with Douchebags like him! I am the real deal in CA... Here's a Video that is NOT Photoshopped and I recorded it and Post it on YOUTUBE!

Seriously this is me, I sing a bit wierd but it's a song called Sweetbox "More than Love" I love this song and listen to this on my iPod everyday without FAIL! Unlike that Goblin Jr. GUY! AHAHAHHAHAHAH LOL


Yeah that's me At least I don't yell at people in the 49th state okay!? Go ahead what's the worst that Oscar meyer Weiner could do? I've already outgunned him in my voice of Singing! Yeah, this is I and Yet I am old, I just don't like revealing my age because people just seem tos stalk me here more than anything!


P.S. I'm not in a good mellow mood today however I've seen the movie Red Dawn (1984) Version I gotta tell you Patrick Swayze made a good performance in  that movie if anyone wants to know what I'm talking about here ya go! I've seen it........ It made me realize that WAR isn't fun anymore!




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Pleased to meet you.

12/5/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Yup, Indeed You seem like a mellow guy so why not, I mean yeah I was a bit extreme but, I know that you are an awesome guy.... I basically loathed Chris because he was a dumb ass and very Abusive.. I, in the another hand seems to be the opposite... My parents would whoop my behind if they even see me yell at a woman... I maybe 6'0" tall but, I am very courteous, Kind, Respectful and most of all a good person. I just don't get why the hell a guy like that yelled at a sweet woman here... To me, that is just wrong! Seriously, If he was yelling at my sister... That Chris guy would probably have a huge beatdown by my sister and ends up in a L.A. Recycle bin stuck in the junk yard of Recycling! Yup.... We don't mess around with douchebags like that!



That's a pretty good recording or as people from Youtube say . . . FIRST.

12/5/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

Thanks man... All I need is some pride and etc.. My Voice means something... You have the coolest Username ever.. People just been Prejudice around me because I'm Asian and etc. Well Fuck that shit I'm blaming on Abusive Assholes.. I mean this Chris guy just pissed me off the last nerve that I have.. He's been spreading rumours on Twitter... Fuck him, I'm the real singer.... I even rented a dvd that taught me how to dance in a nightclub...! I also hated the way I am treated Without Her, Aka Rina I would probably leave as a Thrifter [aka Homeless guy] Seriously Los Angeles, California is really Competitive and my brain thinks like crazzzzyy..... I even had to take 1 can of Coke in order to sing this good! THANKS again Beerbird... Like I said your name is so cool!