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Great.... kicked out and no where to go

12/11/13 by Zimdragonlord

My dad choked me and it felt like shit I have scars to prove that he choked me.. He said to me "Your gonna die like a freaking husky Tonight!" I was angered and I told him that this wasn't acceptable that I loved a woman here... Then My Dad leap and choked me for almost 3 minutes... My Mom Pulled a Knife but it ended up stabbing my Father instead of me.... I can't believe those Worthless Guardians betrayed me.. They are not good Parents... If they were My Ruthless Bi-Polar Diabetic Father would never do this to me.. well, I'm at a Hotel right now and Hopefully I can recover the damages that was lost... within my body... I'm very sadistic and dissapointed that my Friend will never love me... Without her, I will pretty much quit my life.. I just loved her.... She's special because of her Innovation Of Voice Acting.. I know it sounds strange but as a man for once I too, Have Emotiona... my experience with my Family has always been horrible and yet Look at the time... I am going to sleep soon. I would say stuff to this woman stuff like "Watashi Ai ne desu ka!" That's all I would want to say after when I met her! I loved her, It doesn't matter what others thought of her... In Fact I liked her more than Any woman in her native 49th State... I just don't know how to express my Love for her! I know  a lot of people are wondering why it's because I wouldn't be encouraged in Voice Acting without a sweet gal like her! See you guys later ;) Yeah, I just don't get why my life is like a wrecking Train!


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I guess to this point everything will only get better at least that's what should happen, right ?

12/11/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

It will get better once I move to California by today! I just want to be free from GA!
the 1337 speculations are not compatible with my LZ88 skills! Oh we are friends but can't be lovers! oh well, at least she sort of like me :) at least that is the brightside!



Wow.. ok straight up, your parents suck and I'm pretty glad you aren't still with them. And did your, uh, girlfriend reject you? If so, it must be really hard on you. But don't quit your life because of a girl!!!!!!!! There's like a billion girls out there! idk I hope things get better for you :/ It's great you sound so positive still after that ordeal.

12/11/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

I might afraid she ignored me, so that is a sign... I give her gifts she probably cremated them... I'm at the bank right now! I just want to find a caucasian lady who's older than I! why? It's because my manager is semi-traditional on interracial dating! I guess Life goes on.... I'm gonna be just as successful as her! Thanks to her friend I am officially heart broken! I loved her adopted sister but that didn't turn out well! trust me a state that was founded in 1959.... very cold very civilized environment known as Alaska! yup the 49th state offers technology we inner state can't make! lol oh well, I'm gonna keep trying to find other women in Los angeles, CA!