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Yeah Day 2 no where to stay.....

12/11/13 by Zimdragonlord

Yeah, I'm at a bookstore hopefully someone will give me the heave ho to Los Angeles, CA I can't live in Ga anymore... people tend to hate me there... I'm trying to see if I can Aquire Flash CS6 from friends and how they get them... I can't believe that my Old So-called "Democratic High School" Rejected a Room for me... Great..... It's like a wierd saying "If you want a more diverse world stop hollering at the majority!" Yeah it's true my Old High School is filled with Wannabe caucasian Asian Ew.... yeah posers... Hopefully I can survive the night somehow i need a good Inspiration to make the $$$$! I applied some stores but the same problem keeps popping out..... It has to do with my Certification... Dammit... I wish I graduated College... Anyhow I'm just here chillin at a Bookstore, At least I've shaved and now I have no where to stay! I was hoping I can make it to CA someday.... My Parents probably cremated my stuff and watch some nasty Wierd snuff in TVpad... Anyways, I hope I can achieve that dream someday because I do believe in Miracles... It's like a legacy that I can't conquer.. How am I suppose to be a better gentleman if a Lady tends to hate me?? I just ask myself this at times.. I travel long and greatful days to see the eyes of CA... I was hoping that It will come someday...I am devoted to stay in my Car and Well Sleep Since I have no where to go... Yeah I admit it being Homeless sucks! Anyways Any Atlanta residence could pick me up that would be great... Otherwise I can't assume anymore survival plans for myself! ~ ZimDragonlord


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Oh hi! I torrent Flash CS6/CC from piratebay (shhh), but you can always get it legally for like 200 bucks or something. Haha highschool is full of developing teenagers wanting to fit in. Start small if you're gonna get a job. Chances are, getting small time jobs and working on a bigger aspiration on the side will be more beneficial than waiting for a good opportunity. That's my advice anyhow. Miracles definitely happen, I hope for a miracle for you.. too bad I don't live in Atlanta :/ Have any friends in the area? You could live at their place for awhile.

12/12/13 Zimdragonlord responds:

I can't get a job my bastard Cousin ruined me... great I'm trying to get a Job, however Life in Atlanta sucks and yet I might die out of Starvation... NO FRIENDS would offer me a room... Now I can't even make anything for a living... other than being a painter... Animator and a Voice Actor... Besides, that I'm basically just a worthless sushi chef..... Talking about sushi I'm applying to one... I can't believe that Handrew Bastard is Ruining my Reputation..... I'm at a Coffee Please and I hope I get to Travel to CA ASAP! I have to go to my Local DDS, bank, SS Card and etc... just to tell them to change from GA to CA's! I just can't bare anyone pain in my life... My Parents are Real Heartless demons that want my Death Certifcate and forces me to use Street Drugs for a living.. I don't even wanna become a DrugLord I'm scared, Have no where to go... and I just want to travel to CA where I can be Successful! I just need a Mac Copy of Flash CS6... You Can e-mail it to me...... My E-mail is