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ARGH........ Contributing another LL Flash.......! Good for me really!

12/27/13 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 12/27/13

Yup, you heard me, I'm making another Lock Legion flash. I'm proud of it because at least I'm doing something I like doing in life. I can't believe that guy Plagiarized my business, which is ILLEGAL. It doesn't take a Fancy Person to say stealing is illegal! I like Europe and He as in Tekkidd or Arseniy doesn't realize He's European as well! Man, Talking about Modern Stupidity, That guy I'd rather not waste time on... He's Wasting My Life, Time, and Flash CS5's Talent away. If there is anything I have in Common with Europe is probably Neurtality. I dislike making people feel Aggressive nowadays. This Tekkidd can kiss my ass, I don't care about Kiddie Scripts like him. Which is the Pimarily the reason why He screwed himself up. I have a New  Contact Partner Psi43 [Oliver R.] who seems to help me more and guide me into Animations a lot more than that Senseless KiddieScript name Tekkidd LOL!


You see, We have something in Common. If the Chinese Rich guy could Collaborate with Swiss Technology then the Possibilities are Endless. There's a Reason why people Trust Chinese people more than Kiddie Scripts like Arseniy! We keep secrets like crazy and a Guy like him, I think He's a N00B that wants his Mommy. I, In the other hand is trying to make a money like A Responsible, Mature, Adult! I been know Life is Unfair, I dealt with it and now that guy wants my Credentials...... Is He for real.. Glad I Blocked that Time-waster's behind Now if you Excuse me I have a Good Lock Flash to Contribute and I'm Proud of it too! Here's a Clear Screenshot off of my Good, Useful Macbook Pro OSX! 908309_138814842921_ScreenShot2013-12-27at7.46.18AM.png Basically The Flash Talks about a Traitor known at the red "TD" Guy known as Tekkidd.. No one likes him! To be Honest He's a Waste of my Time and Everyone Else's and He Complained and Bragged about how much of a Stupid, Irresponsible Asian I am. Who cares, He's acting like a 10 year old on Crack and PCP. He Obviously Went HAPPYville when He saw Cookies in GPC, That's Halarious and he Just Turned 20! My god, He Pulled an Obvious McNeb #2 Attempt because He tried to screw my Server up.... Also, He Made Friends with other Hackers Mainly From Places like: Australia, Russia, Jordan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and etc. Which I thought to myself "This guy is a Kid, not a Real man!" He even Turned himself from Man to Sonic the Hedgehog! LOL, Seriously and He became a Really Disgusting, ill-mannered Pedo! WTF was he high on when he did this himself and said "I didn't do anything!" I thought to myself "God, He's Annoying!" Which is why in This Flash He Tried to Betray me and well He's a Traitor and all! He even tried to Pull stupid E-mail Pranks on me and It's probably pretty obvious it was him.....! He doesn't know anything about life and the Privileges. I learned that the difficult way to stand back up, He in another hand Doesn't know anything about Life!


LOL, He's such a Dumb Person.......Is very Obvious that I Fired him from his Position because He couldn't handle the truth... My god He's so stupid.... He made a Fool out of himself and FAILED to Take over my Facebook.. Nice try, Stupid next Time... Try to screw my server again while you add it, Dummy! He's so Stupid because I can Build another custom made Computer that will be too powerful for his Hands to Touch in!


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