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Yes.... The Cold my Body's best friend! Also, Studying MONETIZATION ANALYST as a minor

1/2/14 by Zimdragonlord

Wow, they have Jobs like these in California? Man I need to study more about Psychology, Game Developmentand also become a Monetization Analyst! Why? well, It's very interesting that I can develop Flash Animations and well I was thinking about a special job that I can have a Potential on.. You see, She needs an Agent I can try to develop my Confidentiallity  skills and Study Psychology towards an Analyst! I assume that this is my Long Term goalwithin 2019. I'll be 26 by then, Also I can get to be more socially Active! Why didn't think about this before? I could seriously make Big money off of this Development!

All we do in Psychology is Analyze human Behaviors and I just thought of the coolest idea! Even though, She's be elderly I still respect her! You see, We don't ever Discriminate Age in America! Although, I think it's an Interesting field making Games, Communicating with others, and also get to test out other video games! YAY! I understand these Agreements and maybe I'll take this as a core-minor somehow if I get to manage my Personal Finance, I think it's awesome because If I became a regular Psychologist I might be stuck hearing complaints after Complaints within Patients! I also have an interesting Video that I could show you! I could Survive in a Freezer, for 3.75 minutes not bad eh? Anyhow, I can't say why I did this in some ways I can adapt to the cold weather thrown at me anywhere I go ^_^! Whoo hoo!




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