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Been in Burbank, New Series and Updates >:D

5/19/14 by Zimdragonlord
Updated 5/19/14

Ah Yeah, Well ZDL is back Bros and Fans.........

Anyhow, I don't make Animations much anymore..... However, I did a peeping  trip to Burbank... lol yeah, Someone will be pissed off if she knew I've done this just to go peeping like this... Probably gonna Sued and etc. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy... I just took the Metro bus and I'm like okay Burbank here I come, Yeah well I asked whereabout about this Person, Not to be depicting or rude but I ask most local workers and people in Burbank about this person! NO one knew about her, except a few Busboys in Some Mexican Restaurants... Yeah, like I said I can get killed and sued for this... Anyhow, The funny Part was, I Asked a Guy in a Mall in Burbank [Yeah, the Downtown side at least] He said "I don't know this woman at all?" and I laughed so hard and etc. All He told me was "Wait, what? She lives near me?" and I replied and I was like Laughing horribly. Yes, This happened in a Mall, In the middle of Burbank California! It was in a Gamestop, He was Shocked I gave him a Free 7-up [Something That woman will never give out for a Gamestop employee out of the blue] Funny part was He took it. Okay anyhow, I made a couple of buddies who will probably meet me in LA Anime Expo, Yeah I signed up for it! Anyhow, the New series I can release it but it's Most Likely be on YouTube! To Prevent Angry people, I have to release to Youtube for A lot of Reasons... Geez, It was Hot in Burbank Today! Now, I understand why She likes Coffee, and a big ass Carnivore.... When I went there, It was hard as hell to find any Vegan-Friendly places. I also went to look at the Apartments and ask some Residents about this person. Most of them look at me, wierd and have no idea who I'm talking about, Even though I brought the Last Pic of her on my iPhone.... Okay, enough about that... I don't want to get sued or even arrested for this!


Anyhow, I may need People who can help me on this series but here's the thing though, It won't be done until sometime in 2015! Anyhow, I'll show you a picture that I took while I was in Burbank, CA. My God, I'm making a New Series and it is like always, gonna be in Flash format [but it will be converted and etc.] So, I can show you guys on Youtube! Yup, like I said  "You mess with me, your messing with the wrong guy!" Yeah, I got something planned ahahahaha! Nowadays, I hope you guys will enjoy the post!


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